Checking the Market Value of Your Largest Asset: Your Business

by Gregg Schor CEO, Protegrity Advisors

Many business owners know on any given day whether their stock or retirement portfolio is up or down, and by how much. This could be a factor of the ease by which we can log into our accounts and have instant access to information and analytics, but even those who engage with professional wealth management advisors to monitor and make adjustments to their personal portfolios typically meet with those advisors on at least a quarterly, semi-annually, or annual basis.

However, for the majority of these business owners, their own company is typically their largest and longest held investment, and yet they do not undergo a similar analysis for their company on any regular basis and learn the answer to questions such as:

  • What is the market value of my business today?
  • Is the market value trending up or down?
  • What types of buyers could be interested in my company?
  • What factors can have positive or negative impacts on my company s valuation?
  • Are the factors the same or different for each category of buyer?
  • Should I consider making any adjustments to the business?

Regardless of if or when a business owner may be contemplating the sale of his or her business, he or she should be making informed decisions about whether to just stay the course or make adjustments. It is never too soon to be prepared for a planned exit - or unplanned if an unsolicited offer should come in - and to prepare and maximize the sale price of what is usually the largest transaction of their lives. The business owner should undergo such an analysis on a regular basis with a professional M&A advisor.

We recommend to our clients meeting with us once or twice a year for such a review. When it comes to maximizing the value of a company which may have been started by a prior generation and whose proceeds are meant to take care of future generations, such a review is time very well spent.

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